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  • 2017 China Cal Outcomes

    March 8, 2018

    Check out the infographic Daniel Zhang, one of our volunteers made for a quick recap on the outcomes of our Grants for Kids Program for 2017!

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  • 2017 Externship Activity Report

    January 6, 2018

    In December 2017, ChinaCal undertook another externship activity, taking a group of externs from the US and China across rural Yunnan. For a period of 3 weeks, the group set up clinic wherever they could (in an empty room in a hospital, in a motel room) and helped screen many children for free. Externs carried out patient interviews, taking vitals, communicating results and eventual follow up of many children who were diagnosed with heart problems for eventual surgery. At the end of the externship, each extern was asked to write a few of their reflections. We wanted to take this … Read More >

  • China Cal Patients December 2017

    December 12, 2017

    Little Shi is an 8-month old baby boy, with several holes between the left and right sides of his heart.  He lives in Luxi county.  His parents are poor farmers.  This baby weighed only 5 kilograms and was not growing.  His parents are farmers, earning about $3000 per year. China Cal doctors diagnosed his condition and its partners supported his surgery at West China Hospital and he was recently discharged home and is recovering.


    Little Guo is a 5 years old girl from Meng La County in Xi Shuang Ban Na prefecture. Her family are farmers earning less than … Read More >

  • Newborn Training Program Concluded

    October 24, 2017

    Fangqi Guo: Project Lead with two newborns in Nan Jian County

    As of the new year, we have concluded our Newborn Training project. The following is a brief overview of what we have done.

    The purpose of the Newborn Training Program is to understand if training of pulse oximetry and auscultation is an effective method for CCHD early detection. Hospitals in rural china have virtually no knowledge of these screening methods.

    So in 2015, ChinaCal collaborated with Yunnan first affiliated hospital and designed a training program to educate rural obstetric personnel on this screening method. The target population included doctors … Read More >

  • June and July Externship Report

    August 15, 2017

    China Cal 2017 July Externship in South City Hospital of Mengla County

    June and July Missions Find, Refer and Support 76 Poor Yunnan Children with Congenital Heart Disease.

    The China Cal team of doctors, staff and students examined over 300 children in six counties of Yunnan Province during June and July. Out of these 300 children, the team discovered 76 children with severe heart defects that can be corrected by surgery. China Cal doctors referred these 76 sick children to cardio-vascular centers in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces for treatment.

    China Cal’s Grant for Kids Program helps to improve healthcare accessibility … Read More >